Successful everyday!

Your involvement in the success of others is as important as your own.

Are you busy chasing your dreams and don’t see any significant results?

Let’s re-look at this journey.

A doctor is successful when he/she succeeds in saving lives. A pilot is successful when he successfully takes his passengers to the destination. Scientists are successful when they invent or make any contribution that is significant to the world we live in.

What’s the point? Your success is directly proportional to what you do to help someone or something succeed/move ahead.

In the same way, your success in life and your calling/purpose depends on what you’ve done to the people around you, the world around you.

Look for people you can bless everyday. Help fulfil someone else’s dreams today. In doing them, you will see how meaningful and purposeful your life is. And your journey becomes one that is filled with love and grace.

Share if you are blessed.

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