Who You Are, Who You Want to Be, Who You will Become!

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Who You Are : 

We have seen religion, society, career, wealth, personality define who we are. I am not going to use any of that to define Who You Are.

Lets make it simple – Who You Are is a person filled with potential to impact and influence the world around you, either for good or for the worse. How you see Who You Are will define the impact your life will have. The first step to live life intentionally is to realise Who You Are and what You are capable of.

I have noticed that a child grows up believing that everything is possible until they are told by someone that they cannot do something. You are born with good intentions, talents, gifts and the potential to live a great destiny. As life progresses, we get influenced by different things that begin to alter the way we see Who We Are. Negativity, discouraging words, distractions, addictions and frustrations begin to tell you that the world is unfair, cruel etc; so to be in the world, you need to be in the battle for significance. When you partner with those thoughts and ideas, you begin to trade Who You Are.

It is important to know that You are born with a good heart, intentions, gifts, talents and a great destiny. Do not allow anything to change the way you see yourself. (Click to Tweet)

Who You want to be : 

If you don’t know who you want to be, you probably don’t know who you are. It is impossible to not have a dream once you know the capabilities of Who You Are.

When I was young, I wanted to be a software engineer. Those were days when computer technology was booming and so was the demand for software developers, engineers etc. As I grew older I wanted to be a rockstar. Those were days when I discovered bands like U2, Dream Theater, Coldplay and other giants who attract a stadium full of people to watch them. At later stages I had many different dreams but through it all I realised there were certain attributes to all those dreams.

Our dreams convey a need to be significant, influential and – perhaps leave a legacy. We want to do things that will have an impact on people, culture and society. It is important to know who you want to be.

We have to live life intentionally. To live life without a vision is a depressing way to live. There are many people who cannot find any satisfaction in life because they have no goals, no dreams and no plans for their future. Spend time to think Who You Want to be. Have written dreams, goals and a plan to chase them.

Who You Will Become : 

It can be easy to look at a successful entrepreneur and think to yourself, “I bet things come easy to them” or “They were just lucky.” But after spending time with successful men and women I’ve learned that nobody has it all easy.

What separates these people is their decision to not allow their situations to dictate their emotions. I believe, among many things there are 2 key things that plays the biggest role in “Who You Will Become”.

Friends – Time spent with dreamers will cause you to dream. Possibility thinkers cause you to realise all things are possible. Thats why its so important to choose relationships that will keep you going in the right direction. Choose to be with people who will speak life into your dreams and goals. Choose people who will invest into you by encouraging and motivating you. Choose people who will be happy seeing you succeed. Remember to be such a person in return to them as well.

Your mind – While we cannot control all our circumstances, what we can control is our response. And that’s what makes you move ahead : your decision to take responsibility in the midst of chaos, disappointment and struggles. Be guaranteed that you will face hurdles in your way to your destiny, but how you respond to them is what will eventually win the battle.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it” – Charles R. Swindoll (Tweet This)

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Discuss : 

How do you plan your life?

Has planning your life changed your lifestyle?

*This post is extracted from the new Symphony Of Heaven Blog due to people still visiting here. Please visit and subscribe to the new Blog to view all new posts*


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