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Co-Laborers – It is a partnership!

Have you ever waited for God to show up and do something miraculous and supernatural? I have many times and over the success and failures in these moments, this is what God has been teaching me. 
‘It is a partnership’
God, I want to know the difference between reality and faith, between being practical and the supernatural. I prayed that sitting at a worship gathering one evening. God started speaking to me very soon as I sat still in His presence. I began writing –
If He does the impossible and takes us to that place of influence now, what do we have to give? What have we created out of what He gave us to showcase being in that place of favor? Will we be an empty vessel covered with His glory having nothing to give to the world? 
Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings. (proverbs 22:29
We need to place ourselves ready for His glory to shine best. He is looking for co-laborers. He likes to work through what is available. Like the water that was available to be turned into wine. While we do the natural we can ask Him to add a supernatural touch. 
God honors excellence, faithfulness and hard work and it is possible to accomplish a lot with determination and commitment. This is the secret behind the success of many people who do it without knowing God. But our evaluation of success has to be based on a God given goal. Goal is to reflect His nature and do His will by being His hands here on earth and He has set the standards very high. And this can be done only with a supernatural seal on the natural we do. Intimacy, seeking, receiving, carrying His presence, becoming more like Him and His will becoming ours is the fuel to this partnership. If we don’t change the way we see things we will believe what we see in the natural is the superior reality and that will determine what success means to us.
If God wanted to do everything on His own, He wouldn’t need us. He works through us as we abide in Him. It is a partnership deal. 
‘Believe and Act’
In the middle of a personal worship session at home God asked me to read the book of James. The verse that spoke to me was James 2:23 – “Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness and he was called the friend of God” (NKJV, Emphasis added)
When we believe, there will be NO room for doubt. It is like black or white. We either believe or we do not. It cannot be white one day and black the other day. God expects us to reach a level of trust where our thoughts, words, actions, reactions will be a manifestation of what we believe. We MUST act based on what we believe. James 2:21, 22 says “Was not Abraham our father justified by works when he offered Issac his son on the altar? Do you see that faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect?“(NKJV, Emphasis added)
I am absolutely convinced that God can work in-spite of who we are and what we do. Sometimes we do not see Him do what we want Him to because He is building the character we need to sustain in that level of favour and influence. However, God is teaching me that the above two things play a huge role in living in the ‘fullness’ of His glory everyday! 
There is nothing our God cannot do! Keep believing!