Hello Everyone,

Thank You for visiting my blog.

Symphony of heaven is the result of an encounter with God. His unconditional love for us demands and deserves a response from us. What started off as a blog in mid-2012 is now a movement of people releasing the sound of heaven into every corner of the world. The sound of heaven is heard when we live as one body, we love like Christ loved us, we forgive and forget before we judge and condemn and our choices are based on heavenly standards irrespective
of what the culture demands.

Symphony of Heaven is a movement of people who believe the world around
us is transformed by the way we do life and the choices we make. Every moment counts and every person matters. Each of us have something to offer to our society that shapes culture. We are destined to release the sound of heaven on earth.

Welcome to Symphony of Heaven.

Please check our website for more details : http://www.symphonyofheaven.org

Joel Mundackal
Email : joel@symphonyofheaven.org
Web : http://www.symphonyofheaven.org

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